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If you have started a fresh business and you are looking forward to converting it into a brand then you must do trademark registration. For any business, its name, logo, product, and brand are likely to get copied or used in an unauthorized way. To avoid such cases you must have registered your brand under the trademark. This registration is done under the Indian trade marks act 1999.

If you wish to register a trademark and and secure your brand, logo, name and identity. Register with us now.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Brand name
The trademark of your brand's logo, slogan, or tagline, can create your brand image and your product. Eventually it helps the buyer and potential clients to differentiate between you and your competitors. Trademark registration is highly beneficial for the long run of your brand
Support of law
Once you have registered your brand's trademark then no one can use your logo or tagline. If in case anyone does it you can get legal protection for your registered brand under trademark.
If your brand becomes a well known and trusted one then trademark can be a huge asset and will contribute to the goodwill of your brand.

Documents Required For Trademark Registration

Type of Entity

If the Applicant is Individual or Startup or MSME or Company.

Address Proof

Self-Attested Address Proof of the Applicant

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney in the name of the legal consultant

Object of Trademark

Soft copy of the object of trademark you wish to register. It can be a word, song, name or anything.

Company Details

Details of the Company, type of products so that the professional may identify the class (es) in which you should register

Business Address

Firm or Company Address Proof like Electricity Bill, Incorporation Certificate Etc.

Procedure for Trademark Registration

Partnership Firm is registered with the registrar of firms of the state. An application form filled and signed by all partners along with the fees has to be submitted at Registrar of Firms (RoF) office.
  • tm-search-report

    Search Report generation

    As per the details provided by you we will identify the class and generate a search report. Based on the search result we will proceed. 

  • name-application

    Application Preparation

    Our professionals with years of experience will prepare your Trademark registration application and may ask you to change some styling for easy approval of the trademark. 

  • document-preparation

    Filing of application

    Once your application is ready with us we will file it. 

  • work-completion

    Start using TM symbol

    Once the application is successfully file and accepted. You may start using the TM symbol. It takes around a year for trademark to get registered. 

Trademark Registration Service

TM - Basic

Trademark for Individual, Startups & MSMEs
  • Trademark Application Filing By Expert
  • Government Fees of ₹ 4500 included
  • TM Search Report Generation
  • Free Consultancy for TM
Best Selling

TM Advanced

End to End TM Registration Suport
  • Trademark Application Filing By Expert
  • Government Fees upto ₹ 9000
  • TM Search Report
  • Free TM Consultancy
  • Reply for Objection (upto 4 No.s)
Great Value

TM - Company

Trademark for Companies and firms
  • Trademark Application Filing By Expert
  • Government Fees of ₹ 9000 included
  • TM Search Report
  • Free Consultancy for TM
Best Selling

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this symbol ™ means that you have applied and got acknowledgment by the relevant authority while this ® means you need to wait till the application is accepted.

Yes, you can but properly filed applications have higher chances of getting registered without objections.

Yes, your trademark application is valid all over the world.

A professional can be hired for such a case. Our team will be happy to help you in this regard. It is included in our professional fee.

We will generate a search report and give it to you free of cost. The search can also be performed on government website. Feel free to contact us for any query.

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