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Our Partnership Firm Registration service help you form a partnership with ease.

A partnership firm is a business entity with a formal agreement between two or more people. The individuals agree to be the co-owners but distribute responsibilities for running an organization. They share the profit and loss that the business may generate. 

Who is a partner?
A partner is a member in a partnership. He is called as partner because he/she is equally liable for the profit, losses and liabilities of the firm.

If you wish to register a partnership firm and make your partnership legal through documents, deed and registration. Register with us now.

Benefits of Registering a partnership firm

Easy Formation

Registration is not compulsory in the case of Partnership firm. It can be formed without any legal formality and expenses. Thus they are easy and cost effective to form and operate. But it is recommended to register partnership firm with Registrar of Firms.

Larger Resources

Due to more number of members the partnership firm has larger resources for the business operations as compared to sole proprietorship.

Raising Funds

When compared to a proprietorship firm, a partnership firm can easily raise funds. Multiple partners can contribute more to fund the business. Also, banks view a partnership firm more favorably while sanctioning credits instead of a proprietorship firm.

Flexible Operations

Limited partners provides the flexibility in the operations of business because the partners mutually can amend objectives or make changes in operations any time they wish.

Better Management

Business of a partnership firm is very well managed by all the partners as they take interest in the daily affairs of business because of the ownership, profit and control.

Sharing of Risk

In partnership every partner bears his share of risk individually as he is equally liable for the losses, hence the risk gets shared unlike sole proprietorship.

Protection against fraud

In a partnership firm interest of every partner is protected against any fraud.

Documents Required For Partnership Firm Registration

Passport Size Photo

One Passport size photograph of All Partners

PAN Card

Copy of PAN Card of all the partners

Proof Of Identity

Self-Attested Proof of Identity (Like-Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card) of All the partners

Firm Name

A unique name you wish to start your partnership. Give 2-3 options.

Rent Agreement

If Rented Business than Rent Agreement Copy else sale deed of the property

Firm's Objective

What service, product or goods company wants to sell or manufacture.

Business address proof

Any one of Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Gas Bill, Tax Bill of the property

Procedure for Partnership Firm Registration

Partnership Firm is registered with the registrar of firms of the state. An application form filled and signed by all partners along with the fees has to be submitted at Registrar of Firms (RoF) office.
  • document-collection

    documents and Data collection

    All the documents required along with the partnership clauses, objectives has to collected for partnership firm registration.

  • name-application

    Deed Preparation

    As per the details received, our professionals and Chartered Accountants prepare your partnership deed.

  • document-preparation

    PAN & TAN Application

    Once your partnership is formed we apply for PAN and TAN. This takes a couple of days.

  • e-forms-uploading

    Documents Upload & Dispatch

    Once above documents gets completed the documents are uploaded and physical copies are dispatched to your address.

  • work-completion

    Firm Registration

    Once you get all the documents you may register your firm with registrar of Firms of the respective state.

Partnership Firm Registration Service

Basic Partnership

Partnership Registration only
  • PAN & TAN Registration
  • Partnership Deed
  • Stamp Paper Purchase Support
  • Free CA Consultancy

Comprehensive Plan

Includes GST + MSME + TM
  • PAN & TAN
  • Partnership Deed
  • Stamp Paper Purchase Support
  • Free CA Consultancy
  • MSME Certification (Optional)
  • GST Registration
  • TM Registration (For Startups, MSME & Individuals)

Partnership Startup Pack

GST + MSME Registration Included
  • PAN & TAN Registration
  • Partnership Deed
  • Stamp Paper Purchase Support
  • Free CA Consultancy
  • GST Registration
  • MSME Registration (Optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such provision under the partnership Act, 1932 which makes the registration of partnership compulsory but the act itself provides the procedure for the registration of partnership firm. Hence, the registration is optional but highly recommended because unregistered firm cannot recover any money over Rs. 100/-.

The Partnership Firm Registration in India can take up to 12 to 15 working days. However, issuance of the certificate of incorporation is subjected to the time taken by concerned state because government processing time varies from state to state.

No, it is not but it is always helpful to have a partnership deed as bank, income tax authorities and clients may ask you to present this deed. It also reduces conflicts and misunderstandings because it acts as a reference document to refer in such cases.

Yes. A partnership firm is a legal entity and can be sued or sue in its own name. Though the firm is treated separately from its partner but partners are completely liable.

Yes. A person can be a member of as many partnerships as he wants.

Yes because law presumes that each partner is an agent of the other. While dealing with other parties the partner is representing his/her partnership firm. The acts done by any of the partner is binding on all other partners. Even if it is not in the knowledge of the dealing party or the other partners.

If the partnership agreement between the partners is not registered, the court may deem a partnership invalid. If objects of the firm is illegal, the court may term the partnership invalid and dissolve the partnership.

If all the partners of the firm wish to end the partnership, they can dissolve the partnership by notice. A partnership can also be dissolved in accordance with the terms laid out in the Partnership Deed, they can also do so by creating a separate partnership agreement.

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