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OPC stands for One Person Company which means a company that has only one person as a member.

Compliances requirements are less in case of OPC as compared to Private Limited Company. OPC is a separate legal entity hence it has concept of limited liability for its member.

Entrepreneurs whose businesses are generally in the early stages usually prefer to create OPCs instead of sole proprietorship business or private limited company because of the several advantages that OPCs offer.

If you wish to start a business alone and incorporate your own company. Get your One Person Company registered now.

One Person Company Registration Guide

Eligibility to register as private limited company?

Only One Director

OPC must have minimum one person (the member) as director.

Indian Citizen Only

Indian citizens & residents are only eligible to form OPC.

Only 1 OPC Allowed

Single person can form only one OPC.

Should Be An Adult

Minors cannot become members or nominees of OPC.

DSC of Director

The Director must get DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) to register for the company.

Unique Name

The company name chosen should ne unique and should not be registered with MCA earlier.

Benefits of Registering a One Person Company

Start Up India
One Person company can register as a startup under startup india scheme. Where many tax benefits and government fees relaxations can be availed.
Independent Existence
The One Person Company is considered as a separate legal entity by law. Also the company is a person, having a common seal, and perpetual succession which makes it independent.
Limited Liability
Unlike public & private limited companies, the concept of limited liability of One Person Company in India implies that the liability of the member will be up to the extent of his share in the company. So, it can be said that the liability of the person will be to the extent he has invested in the business.
Separate Property
An OPC have its own separate property as it gains its own identity and functions as a separate legal entity in eyes of the law. The OPC will be the owner of its assets, and the members cannot exercise any insurable rights in the assets of the company.
Tax Flexibility and Savings
OPC can make valid contract with its directors and shareholder. This gives director right to receive remuneration, as a lessor you can receive rent, as a creditor you can advance money to your own company and earn interest. Remuneration, rent and interest are a deductible expense which reduce the profitability of the Company and thus brings down taxable income of your business.
Complete Control of the Company with the Single Owner
OPC is managed and controlled completely by a Single Owner and hence it leads to quick decision making and execution.
Name Security
Since you register your business on MCA portal your business gets a name registered under ROC (Registrar of Firms) and hence your name is protected from being copied.
Easy Conversion
Since your company is registered with ROC you can easily convert your company to private or public limited company without compromising the name.

Documents Required For One Person Company Registration

Passport Size Photo

One Passport size photograph of the Director

PAN Card of Director

PAN (for Indian Nationals) and Passport (for Foreign nationals)

Address Proof

Aadhar Card / Voter ID / Passport / Driving License / Ration Card

Specimen Signature

Specimen Signature of Director.

Rent Agreement

If Rented Business than Rent Agreement Copy else sale deed of the property


Self-declaration about directorship in other companies

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

No objection certificate from the owner of the property for the commencement of the business

Residence Proof

Residence’s Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Bank Statement

ID Proof of Nominee

Photo ID and Address proof of nominee of the company.

Company's Objective

What service, product or goods company wants to sell or manufacture.

Procedure for One Person Company Registration

One Person Company is registered with the registrar of companies of the state. The application is prepared and filed online by CS(Company Secretariat) on MCA’s Website. It is digitally signed using Director’s DSC. 
  • Digital Signature DSC

    Applying for DSC

    The first step towards company registration is obtaining DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). Without this Registration process cannot start.

  • name-application

    Drafting of AoA and MoA

    It is the preparation phase of applying for One Person Company Registration. The objectives, scope of work and other details are defined here. 

  • document-preparation

    SPICe Form (without RUN)

    Filing All in One Form - Applicant can avail 5 different services (i.e. Name Reservation, Allotment of Director Identification number (DIN), Allotment of PAN and Allotment of TAN and Incorporation of New Company) in one form by applying for Incorporation of a new company using SPICe form.

  • e-forms-uploading

    SPICe+ form application (with run)

    Name reservation than company registration. Name reservation is done through RUN Service after that within 20 days SPICe form should be submitted to incorporate the company.

  • work-completion

    Company Incorporation

    ROC verifies all the document and if found in order the company gets incorporated along with PAN and TAN within 2-3 business days.

One Person Company Registration Service Packages

OPC - Basic

Registration with Consultancy
  • PAN & TAN Registration
  • DIN & Class II DSC (1Nos)
  • Stamp Paper Upto Rs. 1200/-
  • MOA & AOA Preparation
  • Free CA Consultancy

OPC - Brand Protect

Includes GST + MSME + TM
  • PAN & TAN Registration
  • DIN & Class II DSC (1Nos)
  • Stamp Paper Upto Rs. 1200/-
  • Free CA Consultancy
  • MSME Certification (Optional)
  • GST Registration
  • TM Registration (For Startups, MSME & Individuals)

OPC - Starter Pack

Includes GST + MSME
  • PAN & TAN Registration
  • DIN & Class II DSC (1Nos)
  • Stamp Paper Upto Rs. 1200/-
  • Free CA Consultancy
  • GST Registration
  • MSME Registration (Optional)
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can surely benefit with startup India Scheme with OPC Registration, but there are certain other parameters which you must fulfil.

SPICe means Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically (SPICe) is a fast track registration procedure initiated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. SPICe enables single form application for One Person company registration.

The normal registration route can take up to 30 days but registration through SPICe takes just 7 to 8 days.

Minimum 20 working days.

No, physical presence is not required, your signed documents and DSC will work for you.

Yes, Stamp duty is imposed by the state in which one wish to register his/her company’s office. The charges are applied on MOA, AOA & form INC 32. Our experts will guide you on additional charges if it applies on your state.

DSC is the Digital Signatures used to sign documents digitally to upload at site.

DIN is Director Identification Number to identify individual as a director. This remains universal for an individual.

If you already have these, our expert may offer refund

No such schemes but can register under startup india as an startup.

Government Fees for Paid up capital upto 10 lakh is:

DIN (1 Nos): Rs.500

RUN Form: Rs.1000

AoA: Rs.1000 (for authorized capital upto Rs. 10 lakhs)

MoA: Rs.1000

Other Fees:

DSC (Digital Signature) as may apply.

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