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Want to grow your business but don’t know how to get money? We will help you out. Our Experts will guide you through the loan process and will ensure you get maximum loan with minimum gaurantee.

GST Registration Guide

Type of Loans

Business Loans
1. Loan For Building and Structure.
2. Loan for Equipments & Machinery.
3. Loan for Business Operations.
Bank Credit Limit
1. CC Limit
2. OD Limit
Home Loan
1. Take input tax credit
2. Make interstate sales without restrictions
3. Register on e-commerce websites
4. Have a competitive advantage compared to other businesses
Automobile Loan - For Personal Use
1. Car Loan
2. Bike Loan
Automobile Loan for Agriculture
1. Loan for Tractor
2. Loan for Harerster and Thrasher
Automobile Loan for Business
1. Loan for JCB
2. Loan for Truck, Bus etc. 3. Loan for other Commercial Vehicles like Cranes, Transport Vehicle Etc.

Loan Process Steps

  • Step-1

    Requirement Analysis

    Firstly, the client needs to present his/her requirements and expectations. What amount he is looking for? How urgent the requirement is? What kind of loan he wants? and also present information like present running loans, his contribution for the purpose etc.  

  • Step-2

    Document Collection and Assessment

    Then the documents will be collected and assessed by our expert to know if your expected loan amount can be disbursed by bank or not. We will communicate regarding the same and will help you get maximum loan possible.

  • Step-3

    Reality Analysis

    Further after the assessment our Expert will analyse the current situation of your file, your documents, your income proof and will tell you what maximum you can get against your expectation.

  • Step-4

    File Preparation

    Once all the documents have been assessed and reality check was done, our expert will prepare your file and will help you arrange the missing documents, registrations and formats for maximum credit.

  • Step-5

    Bank Application

    Once the file is prepared it is ready to be presented to the bank manager. The manager will then assess the file and prepare your loan application form. He may also ask for some additional documents if required.

  • Step-6


    Once your loan application form is processed and the loan is sanctioned, the loan will get disbursed and you shall receive a cheque from bank or get the amount transferred to the seller (whatever the case may be)

File Preparation Components

Income Proof

The earnings of an Individual or Business Entity defines how much bank can land to the client. Hence to have a valid income proof is must. We advise to regularly file ITRs to build documents of income proof.

Cibil Rating Check

Bank never lends money to the customer who have a bad history with loans. The Cibil score tells the bank what your credit rating is and hence, the good cibil score is must. We check cibil score during file preparation.

Requisite Registrations

To sanction loan to the customer banks require proof of all the government registration and NOC of the concerned departments whichever may apply to that business and hence having these registrations is mandatory.

Project Report

One of the most important document for loan on a project is business project report. A good project report which is professionally prepared can increase the chance of loan approval tremendously.

Map Preparation

Along with the project report map is often required. A proper plan and supporting with proper documents increases the speed and success of load processing.


For Credit Limits and other business expansion loans banks require various kind of projections. Professionally prepared projections increases banks confidence of investment in your loan.


To prove your re-payment capacity banks require some kind of collateral (i.e. properties which can be mortgage) for that you need a proper valuation report.

Legal Report

The legal report is a document which validates the legal aspect of the ownership of properties or said assets. It is crucial for bank to verify this before sanctioning loans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, as of now we don’t provide end to end loan processing facility where we ourselves will interact with bank managers on your behalf. We currently have partners in few specific cities. We are expanding our network fast and will soon provide this service as well.

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