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What is GEM Registration?

The GEM or the Government E-marketplace is a common platform hosted by the Directorate General of Supplies and Disposal. It can be used for trade. This service lets you trade freely. It pushes the concept of public procurement of goods through a proper regulatory interface.

The GeM portal has digitized records of every transaction and trade. This Government-regulated forum thus helps in repairing the loopholes in the system.

Trade ventures in the Government E-marketplace are authorized and executed by the Government, other autonomous bodies, and also public service undertakings.

Your GeM Registration is your way towards government supplies. Start now and serve the biggest vendor in the country.

GeM Registration Guide

Eligibility to register for GeM (Government E-Marketplace)

Have a business registration

Whether it is a public company or a private one, the firm must show the business registration documents to get GEM registration online.

Have a tax registration

If it is a new and upcoming business, then tax documents are not needed. But, if this has been an organization and has had revenues and profits earlier, then to avail the GEM registration service, the company must have proper tax documents.

A bank account linked to the business

If a company wants to get a GEM registration service online, the firm should have a bank account so that transactions can be digitized effortlessly.

Have a supply and distribution chain set up

Setting up a Government online shop would require more diligence from the business owners. Before signing up on the GEM registration service, the sellers should set up a distribution and supply channel to effortlessly deliver the products to the buyers.

Benefits of GeM (Government-E-Marketplace) Registration

Governmental access
For updating of documents, records, and consultation on how to proceed with the business, sellers can get direct access to various Governmental departments. Also, through the GEM registration service, sellers can sell goods and provide services to the Governmental offices directly.
Easy marketing
Marketing on the Government online shop is easier than being a standalone business. It is also much hassle-free than advertising on popular media like Television networks or newspapers.
New product introduction
After the GEM registration service online is completed, marketers can continue to learn and grow from their past sales records. Accordingly, they can introduce new and updated products to their customers.
Dynamicity in pricing
In this Government E-marketplace, the sellers are already at a cut-throat competition. So, to beat the game, they can offer dynamic pricing according to the market conditions. In turn, the sellers will gain the majority of the consumer base.
Easy e-inventory and dashboard
In the GeM portal, all past transaction records are journalized. Also, a digitized trade sheet is maintained for monitoring the e-inventory.
Safe and secure
The Government E-marketplace is a safe and secure platform to carry on your business. Here, all information, along with documents, is e-verified by both buyers and sellers at different stages to facilitate safety.
No need for individual product registration
As the sellers are already listed in a Government platform as OEMs, their resellers or authorized channel partners, they do not have to register each and individual product.
Uniform and consistent procedures of purchase
Last but not least, the GEM registration service provides consistent and uniform purchase procedures.

Documents Required For GeM Registration

Registration proof of business

It is mandatory to submit the registration proof of your business. You can provide the Certificate of Incorporation, GST Certificate, or MSME Certificate, as applicable.

ID proof

You need to provide your personal Aadhaar card/ virtual ID and company’s PAN card details as ID proof.

Address proof

Give the personal address of the business owner. Also, provide the registered office address details of the company.

Income Tax Return detail

Submit the ITR form and ITR acknowledgement of the past 3 years.

Bank account with KYC

As the transactions on this website are mostly digital, it is essential to have an online banking facility. Also, the bank account must be linked to your company with full KYC done.

Procedure for GeM (Government E-Marketplace) Registration

Government E-Marketplace Registration or GeM Registration is very fruitful for people who wish to sell goods and services to the government departments. They can easily market things to government using this. Let’s understand the procedure of GeM Registration and the Timeline how the GeM Registration will be done. 
  • document-collection

    Document submission

    All the documents mentioned below must be submitted in order to start the registration process

  • name-application

    Application Processing

    As we have now collected all the documents we will start creating your seller account on GeM Portal. All the important details will be filled and submitted on your behalf.

  • tm-search-report

    Contact Verification

    All the details filled and processed will be verified on the portal itself by OTPs. We will ask you to provide the required OTPs sent on mail and phone number for authentication, and your application will then be processed further.

  • work-completion

    Registration Successful

    On successful filing of the application your GeM account will get activated. Now it is ready for you to list your products and sell it to the various government departments across the country.

GeM Registration Service Packages

Proprietorship GeM

Registration for Proprietorship
  • GeM Application
  • Free CA Consultancy

Company GeM

GeM Registration for Company
  • GeM Application
  • Free CA Consultancy
  • Product Listing Guidance

Parnership GeM

GeM Registration for Partnership Firm
  • GeM Application
  • Free CA Consultancy

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: No. Once the GEM registration is done, the user id created cannot be changed or deleted.

Answer: A person registered as a seller can source goods from other sellers, but can’t act as a buyer.

Answer: You can view your contract’s details on the dashboard of the GEM portal.

Answer: While registering, select your organization type as MSE. Then, enter the UAM and phone number linked with the UAM.

Answer: Every DIPP certified Startup Company can avail of the Startup India Mission on GeM.

Answer: Yes, you can add multiple bank accounts. But, make sure one among them is a primary bank account, and the others are secondary accounts.

Answer: Provide the Aadhaar number of the person who has filed the ITR for your firm.

Answer: For viewing and downloading your generated invoice for a particular order, click on the ‘Order’ tab, and then go to the ‘Shipmentwise’ option.

Answer: This error gets reflected on your screen when your UAM number has not yet been validated.

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