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Accounts and Book Keeping is a big trouble. As a small business enterprise, you must be too occupied with accounting worries, leaving you with very less time to execute new things in business and grow your business. You might find accounts annoying but we find it interesting. We manage your accounts you have never imagined before.

Now with our breakthrough Book-Digest Remote Book Keeping and Accounts service you don’t need to worry about anything anymore. You can now just hand it all to us. We will prepare your books, maintain balances, send reminders all for a very nominal cost. 

Leave all your accounting worries aside and focus on your business growth. Let us handle your accounts and do book keeping for you. Know more about our book keeping service. Click here.

What all we will manage in Accounts and Book Keeping Service?

Day Book Entry

We update your day book regularly so that you may not miss out on any important transaction entry.

Party-Wise Balances

We maintain party-wise debtors and creditors balance, including bank statement updates etc.

Debtors Reminder

We remind you and your debtors about pending balances and reconcile every debtor monthly.

Creditors Alert

We generate creditors payment due alert and let you maintain good credit.

E-Commerce Tally

We manage e-commerce transactions and let you identify the net pending payments with e-commerce portals.

Yearly/Monthly/Quarterly Returns

We file all monthly, quarterly and yearly returns for you.

Benefits of Good Book Keeping practice

Clean and presentable books
Maintaining good accounts and book keeping practice keep your books clean and presentable to the tax departments and auditors. With a well managed books you can easily get over any scrutiny and survey by tax authorities.
Loss Prevention
Clean books prevent losses as you get clear view of debtor balances, expenditure and profitability which in turn prevents losses.
Good credit
Having better view of you accounts helps you pay your dues on time, which means your credit will automatically increase with such managed payments.
Managed Cash Flow
Good control over accounts help tracking cash in your books. With clean books you can easily identify which debtor owes you what amount and thus improves your cash flow.
Stress Free Business
With clean and managed books you know exactly what is where in your business. You get a clear picture of your business and its path. You know exactly what you are getting from the business and thus reduces stress.

Accounts & Book Keeping Service Packages

Books - Simple

  • Day Book Entry

Books - Comprehensive

  • PAN & TAN

Books Advanced

  • PAN & TAN Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is better to use any software if you can as it will reduce the cost of accounting. You can use any software you like. If you don’t want to use any software that is also fine. 

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